"Oui" Run 5K Street Closures and Parking Restrictions

The “Oui” Run 5K will include street closures and parking restrictions throughout the Ravenswood and Lincoln Square communities on Sunday, September 23, 2018. Race Start: 8:00am.
Parking restrictions will be in effect from
4:00 to 10:00am
* The City of Chicago will begin towing cars at 4am on Sunday, September 23.

Anticipated opening times are approximate. The Chicago Police Department will re-open streets when they deem it safe to do so.

Race Start Line 1929 West Wilson Ave.

Race Finish Line: Winchester Ave.

Approximate Course Mile Markers
Mile 1: Lawrence Ave. and Hamilton Ave.
Mile 2: East Ravenswood Ave. and Montrose Ave.
Mile 3: Sunnyside Ave. and Damen Ave.

Mobile Users: Click here to view anticipated street closures and openings.

Vehicle removals
If you live on one of the streets along the “Oui” Run 5K route (see course map above), you must move your vehicle to another location off the course prior to Sunday, September 23, 2018, at 4:00am. Towing of vehicles on closed streets will begin at 4:00am on Sunday, September 23. Vehicles that are not removed from the street by 4:00am will be ticketed and towed to the nearest auto-pound. For inquiries about towed vehicles, call 312.744.4444.

We appreciate your support in creating a safe environment for race participants, volunteers and spectators.